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We strive daily to serve delicious and authentic Sapporo Ramen in Indiana by choosing the finest ingredients and preparing each bowl with care.

Hokkaido which is the largest and northernmost prefecture in Japan.
It is known for having some of the most freshest and most delicious foods.

Sapporo is the capital city of Hokkaido and their ramen noodles have been loved
for years by the people of Hokkaido.

Our Sapporo Ramen starts by stir-frying vegetables and meat over high heat until
they are aromatic and the fresh steaming hot broth is added and emulsified which
creates a non greasy and rich broth.


Sapporo Style Noodles

We use the Sapporo style noodles made by the produce who is specialized in the ramen style in Hokkaido. The noodles are medium thick and curly to enjoy slurping with the richness of our ramen soup.The Sapporo style noodles are made medium thick and curly to match the richness of the broth. The noodles are imported from Hokkaido.


Sapporo Style Broth

To create a fresh and flavorful broth, we simmer pork and chicken bones, as well as a variety of fresh vegetables, for 6+ hours at our kitchen day by day.

Our vegetable ramen broth is made from onion, Chinese cabbage, carrots, ginger, Shiitake mushroom, and Kelp to bring out its deep but gentle flavor to make our vegetable soups.

In addition, we import all the soup base (Miso, Shoyu, Shio etc…) directly from Sapporo, Hokkaido in Japan to create the authentic taste like really being in Sapporo.


Pick up & Delivery

Pick up
5628 East 71st St, Indianapolis, Indiana 46250
(317) 288-7120


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