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Best Vegan Ramen

2023/08/12 Sat

We are happy to announce that our restaurant has been voted Best Ramen Restaurant by a local vegan association (Indy Vegfest)! We would like to thank you all for your heartwarming support and patronage.
For our vegan ramen, we use multiple vegetables, kelp, and shiitake mushrooms to make a flavorful broth every day. We offer a wide variety of vegan menu items including Sapporo style vegan soy sauce ramen, Sapporo style vegan miso ramen, Tofu TanTan men, Sapporo style spicy vegan soy sauce ramen, Sapporo style spicy vegan miso ramen, and tofu bowls.
For vegan ramen that will satisfy both your stomach and your soul, head to Ramen Ray.

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