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Vegan Sapporo Ramen

2023/06/02 Fri

Ramen Ray proudly offer a delightful selection of vegan sapporo ramen options. Our vegan ramen starts with a flavorful broth made from a combination of vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, and kelp, ensuring a rich and satisfying base. The toppings are generously packed with a variety of fresh vegetables, and the noodles are made from egg-free wheat flour, making them suitable for vegans.

You can choose from three different types of vegan ramen: miso, shoyu, and tofu tan-tan. Each variety offers its own unique flavors and textures. Additionally, if you desire some heat, we can spice it up for you to create a deliciously spicy vegan ramen.

Our vegan sapporo ramen is a harmonious combination of wholesome ingredients, satisfying broths, and delectable toppings. We invite you to enjoy the wonderful experience of our vegan sapporo ramen at our restaurant.

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